What is CryoRed?

CryoRed is unique to Boca Raton Laser Lipo. The treatment combines our successful Red Light Therapy and CryoSkin treatments into one accelerated weight loss protocol. Red Light Therapy utilizes powerful Red Light Diodes to shrink the fat cells in your problem areas. Cryoskin employs safe, pain free and non-invasive freezing technology to target and destroy fat cells. Performed consecutively, CryoRed treatments have proven to dramatically accelerate body sculpting and weight loss.

At Boca Raton Laser Lipo we offer safe, non-invasive and pain free body sculpting treatments. 

We have now combined our popular CryoSkin and Red Light Therapy Treatments to create an even faster weight loss solution.  

Two Effective Treatments one TurboCharged Result!

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